Health Breakthrough Session + Follow Up

Like the sound of Health & Nutrition Coaching but not sure if it’s for you?
or you’d like to try it out but aren’t ready for a 3 month programme?

Let’s co-create a personalised plan to give you a kickstart!

Nutrition and lifestyle play a huge part in overall health. It influences everything from our energy, mood, digestive function, weight and sleep. I’m here to help you achieve health goals that are important to you!

Through an online health coaching session, followed by a personalised food and lifestyle plan and an online follow-up session, we’ll help you get better!

This package is perfect if you…

  • struggle with symptoms like stress, fatigue, low mood and/or digestive symptoms
  • want to feel well, boost energy & improve productivity at work
  • want to do something about your symptoms now, to feel better right away and prevent further illness
  • are ready to find simple and enjoyable diet and lifestyle choices and apply tools for positive behaviour change
  • want to understand and improve your gut and overall health in an easy way, to promote overall wellness
  • have made changes but would like further support, encouragement and accountability



This session takes place via video coaching. Coaching over video call is like coaching in person, the only difference is that we’re talking through a screen rather than face-to-face. This method of coaching means you can work with me no matter where you live and can work to your schedule.




"I've never felt so energised!"
"I've never felt so energised!"Kate | Health Breakthrough Session
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"I'm able to stay focused in work now and feel my productivity has vastly improved. I've never felt so energised! Thank you so much!
"Spurred things into action"
"Spurred things into action"Adam | Health Breakthrough Session
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"This initial call with you has really spurred things into action for me. It has definitely been a huge benefit knowing I have your support"
"Worth every penny!"
"Worth every penny!"Andrea |Health Breakthrough Session
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"It's worth every penny! Thank you for being flexible around my schedule and for making the video call such a pleasure. I felt like I was in the room with you! I'm off to make my gut-friendly yoghurt breakfast, yumm!"

Want to find out how I could help you?

Book a FREE 30-minute Health Consultation session with me.
All sessions currently take place online via Zoom or on the phone.

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