Kickstart Session

Fancy the sound of Health & Nutrition Coaching but not sure if it’s for you?
or you’d like to give it a go but not ready for a 3 month programme?

Would you find a mini plan helpful to give you a kickstart?

Welcome to Lunch with Laura, an online personalised 1:1 Health Consultation & Coaching session. 

This 2 hour session is designed to give you small yet effective tools to help you nourish yourself using the power of real foods, improve mood and create sustainable lifestyle shifts, to make powerful differences to your gut health, mental wellbeing and lifestyle. 

We’ll co-create your unique mini gut, mind and lifestyle plan, all tailored around your unique health and wellbeing goals, needs and desires, which you can start right away! Plus we’ll get cooking together!

Now more than ever, especially during tougher times, it’s important we feel strong and nourished physically, mentally and emotionally!

Changing our behaviour is the single most important step to help prevent and reverse chronic disease.

This interactive session will leave you feeling educated, motivated and empowered, to make real positives changes in your life! Learn to live life on your own terms, and not by your cravings or old unwanted habits!

So I bet you’re wondering, when would I possibly find time to do what we discuss? This is where I can help you. This 2 hour session is designed so that the small shifts we discuss and put into practise make BIG positive differences to your health and wellbeing, plus save you time and money! 

I’ll guide you step-by-step to achieve this and show you how to integrate nutrient-dense food and nurturing tools into your daily routine with ease. Plus your unique mini plan will also serve as a guide going forward.

If you’re suffering from poor digestion, low mood, stress, exhaustion, overwhelm, brain fog, poor sleep, or mood swings, I’m here to help. I’ll guide you to find space in your day to nourish yourself with delicious tummy loving foods, mindful moments, healthy habits and even prioritising your week, so you can get back to feeling like YOU again.


Before the session…

During the session…
We’ll look at your current lifestyle, concerns and goals to co-create personalised recommendations for your specific health goals.

After our session…
You’ll be sent:

Easy Almond Oat Cookies
Garden Herb Kale and Bean Soup
Blackberry Banana Bread
Plant-Based Crispy Pizza
Cabbage Dill Salmon
"It's worth every penny!"
"It's worth every penny!"Cait | Your Healthy Gut Reset
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"It's worth every penny!" is something I hear from my clients time and time again. This proven programme truly helps you rid digestive problems, gets you the tummy you desire, boosts your mood, drives you with natural energy, reduces stress, and finally gets you experiencing consistent health and health habits that will last for the long term!


Including everything – £175


This session takes place via video coaching. Coaching over video call is like coaching in person, the only difference is that we’re talking through a screen rather than face to face! This method of coaching means you can work with me no matter where you live from the comfort of your own home.

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