Scope of Practice

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, former NHS Health Coach
Catering Chef based in Bristol and Somerset.

I am fully registered with the UK & International Health Coach Association.

Being registered with this regulatory body, means I work in-line with the strict code of professional practice and requirements in the field of Health Coaching, with full insurance. They ensure UKIHCA-Approved Health Coach Training Certifications and UKIHCA-Approved Continued Professional Development.


My qualifications and continued professional development ensure an effective and safe practice. 

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health CoachInstitute of Integrative Nutrition 2017
Advanced Certified Chef, Matthew Kenney PlantLab Culinary School 2017
Certified Nutrition Adviser, in Advanced Principles of Nutrition, Shaw Academy 2018
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Life Coaching, Patrick Howell, 2020
Advanced Gut Health, Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2022 (officially recognized by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching) 

Previously working as an NHS Health Coach, I completed trainings and continued professional development with the Personalised Care Institute and other registered organisations.

Certifications 2022:
Personalised Conversations – Health Coaching Skills 1 & 2
Healthy Weight Coach Training
Mental Health First Aid Training
Suicide Prevention Training
Motivation Interviewing

Continued Professional Development 2023:
Group Health and Wellness Coaching (4 month course)
Success Alliance, Robert Notter – Mindset Success & Neurocoaching

IIN Certificate
Plant Lab Certificate
Plant Lab Certificate
CBT Certificate
Best Entrepreneur 2021 – Laura Wooding

“Laura has certainly got out of her own way with her business efforts.  She collaborates with her local GP practice, Bristol’s largest zero-waste store and soon to be a cardiologist lifestyle practice,, Bristol’s marketplace for local experiences, works with a local cookery school helping children with disabilities learn how to cook and supports them in bringing healthy ways of eating into their lives and sells three gut lovin’ homemade food products in local shops.  She has also been in a magazine article and supported a local youth club over the summer. Well done Laura!”
My 12 year personal journey, education and training has filled me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. I continue to study, stay up to date with the most up-to-date nutrition research and avidly follow researchers of the Blue Zones, recorded regions of the world where people live the longest.


What I do…

support you to make lasting changes to better your health, through positive behaviour change, encouragement, motivation and accountability through an actionable plan
guide you to find a way of eating that supports your health goals and optimise nutrition
suggest ways to “crowd out” caffeine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, processed food.
encourage clients to begin or continue lower-risk exercise such as walking and yoga.
advise clients to engage in self-reflection and experience nature.
give people time to talk about their important relationships.
recommend that clients explore hobbies and interests.
recommend superfoods, multivitamins, and mineral supplements under a doctor’s supervision.
suggest clients ask their medical doctor about alternatives to medication and get a second doctor’s opinion if they’re unsure.
promote participation in social events to engage with people.

recognise and act upon if a client needs to go beyond the scope of Health Coaching.

What I don’t do…

diagnose, treat, or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a client’s life; rather, he/she guides and supports the development of and progress toward personal wellness goals.
say I can cure disease or work with people specifically about their complex advanced diseases such as cancer or kidney failure.
work with minors without written authorisation from a legal guardian.
suggest clients stop or change prescription medications or discontinue visits with their doctor.
exclude major food groups or recommend extreme detox programmes.
prescribe a regimen. Controversial supplements or high doses are experimented with only under supervision of a medical doctor.
encourage vigorous exercise without consulting a physician.
promote divorce or conflict with friends and family.
recommend that clients quit their jobs.
advise clients to change their religious affiliations.
act in the capacity of a registered dietitian or nutritionist and that any advice given me is not meant to take the place of advice by these professionals.

My mission is to help you improve your energy, achieve health goals and live your most nourished life, through behaviour change, lifestyle medicine and gut health.






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